London Bridge Trading were displaying their 1528A G2, which I’ll call a waist-carry bag and you can call whatever you like based on your local parlance. First piece of gear of its’ type that I’ve seen allow for swappable inserts for different type of magazines, which goes to show just how widely that notion has caught on. On top of that the pass-throughs on the rear make accommodations for mounting an H-Harness in place of the waist strap so now your waist-pack is a chest rig with facility to carry a variety of magazines via different inserts. The inserts are of the type compatible with one of the OG velcro insert carriers i.e. the 6094 PC, which means there’s hook on one side and loop on the other, meaning potential compatibility with Ferro and WTF products.

If you missed it last year LBT also have a PC that can mount the LBX line of front and rear SR/Velcro placards that use their choice of 3/4″ buckles.

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