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SHOT Show 2024 Coverage

Pre-warning:  This post is just a backup/cross-pollination of my primary coverage over on IG so formatting is not designed for the website.

Crye Part 1

BLUF – No big new announcement for the show in either cordura or uniforms, which honestly I’m kind of glad about as anyone who’s been paying attention and understands production will know that capacity is the chokepoint now and the company has expanded their # of SKUs an unprecedented amount in the past 5 years or so. Every ‘other’ combat uniform I look at I basically always end up saying “well this is worse, just buy Cryes” because their design is frankly peaked (nothing is perfect, but in as much as is physically possible).

I was able to get my hands on the SMOC at last and really play with it and get the feel I like before passing any judgement. I think it’s gonna be a bit alien to a lot of you, but those familiar with an issued MTP Smock will feel at home with what it’s trying to do. It’s a layer I’d recommend really getting to understand, especially when not in armour or not in that classic hot/dry climate. It could maybe go a step further in terms of big and chunky zip pulls that such a garment needs but certainly not bad.

I think the G4 temperate shell line continues to be very compelling, falling between PCU L4 and L5 and really hitting an ideal place for an all rounder uniform. I’ve tried the pants but may need to get the jacket for when older softshells are a bit too thick and heavy. I know I’m not the only one who think this type of light synthetic uniform for general use has a bright future.

The female fit line of both uniforms and air has expanded a lot too, they don’t quite have the range of options yet but it’s getting three for sure.

I may not have a ton of gear to show this year but I am also trying to make the connections that will eventually, potentially allow me to bring content that’s even better than what might be found here at SHOT. No promises and that type of thing is very hard to pull off, but please stick with me folks and just stay tuned in the usual ways, I appreciate you a lot.

Crye Part 2

I’ve had a few messages from people trying to understand the R series since it’s only been lightly shown off so far and not yet in the hands of consumers. I know personally I was struggling to understand a few things before in terms of how it fits together and my suspicion is I’m not the only one.

I think the key component to understand is the M4 Jump flap (the placard). Basically everything else just clips together with 1″ buckles or webbing in totally normal ways we all know already. For example there’s the new PC variant you’ve all seen but the Jump flap can also accept a plate with the right components – totally different assembly/proposal.

The Jump flap is just an AVS type placard that’ll work with the legacy carriers with the Crye style attachment method, but the harness adaptor (maybe a little misleading title) adds a velcro lined pocket to the back of the Jump flap. You can then either put a mag insert back there in the modern modular way or a plate and build up from there.

It was hard to show but the cummerbunds are full of tegris/equivalent.

Hopefully the other components are easy enough to understand once you get the Jump flap. I think the placard is the Hub of a the most modern loadouts (hence the wording with my own thing) and the R series exemplifies that methodology as well to some extent. It can go together a thousand ways as is obvious and there’s too many other bits to discuss here, but many of the setups have the Jump flap as the key stone.


Ponder the Tube – forget the orb.

As per usual with @firstspear this thing isn’t some thin toy plastic it’s an 8′ tall representation of the 4″ field repair Tube and it weighs a few hundred lbs, rock solid. Love it 😂

Incoming is the LVPV (low vis PC) which is the first new vest offering in a little while. As I said to my buddy at the booth, there’s only so much you can do with cordura and I think a lot of folks are very much aware of that these days. The LVPV uses FS’s proprietary laminate (they did it *way* before it was cool) that blends cordura and loop. But unlike every previous rig it’s now loop-side out. Without any further materials added you can slap Ragnar pockets and patches on there. It’s not designed to work with any 6/12 or PALS pockets – just a slick PC with cuts there for the 1″ QASM type female buckles. Granted these points are cliché now but yes, it’s real slim and can be plussed up in an instant to a ‘fight your way home’ load.

Good old stretchy Tweave on the rear accommodates either a 1″ plate or thin trauma plates depending on your profile. Integrated radio wings, obviously compatible with many cummerbunds beyond just the displayed elastic. Shoulder straps have segmented stitched velcro so can be cut to fit smaller persons. Should be, crucially, quite a bit more affordable than the likes of the Strandhogg gen 3.

The Fight Panel is: a micro PALS rig with 4 tubes, which I think will trigger people who don’t understand the gear business as well as they think they understand it. “It has too many Tubes 😭” first off: yes 🗿. This isn’t a weird tone deaf attempt to make the hottest chest rig for the already saturated commercial market, it was requested by a gov customer, FS made what was asked to their consistent top level of quality and they’re also making it available for all if they happen to want max Tube attachment, for whatever reason. No need to rush out and replace what you’ve got, it’s just quality nylon as always.


I don’t know jack about squat when it comes to lasers, never been issued one, don’t own one for use with my NV. What I know from watching a lot of @hoplopfheil and talking to my gun own mates is that nobody really loves any of the commercially available IR units right now and it’s been that way forever.

All I can say about the Z-Bolt ACAL is it has a good chance of being a hot ticket item when it releases, scheduled for Q3. VCEL like the MAWL but projected MSRP of $1500 for the civil and 1650 for the full power. Aluminium body, black ano or other coloured cerakote. Form factor and switches look like they’re good to me but as I say I’m not the expert. The flyer is all the info there is afaik, I can’t say more!

Eagle Industries

As some of you may have noticed, a few years ago @eagleindustries brought a lot of their updated line to the commercial market but it went somewhat MIA not too long after. The jist is they were caught up in the whole Vista Outdoor mess that you may have heard of impacting various US ammunition manufacturers. The news I’ve been told though is good, the comeback is due imminently – new website and various gear scheduled to be made available again.

A lot of the offerings have been seen before, but the MMAC has been slightly updated to the 3.0 variant and more importantly you’ll be able to pick and mix your parts as you so wish, as one would expect these days naturally (stay demanding kings 👑).

On a different tack, the Av8r is a newer offering that has pass throughs in plenty of places for rated harnesses that aircrew often are required to wear in flight. This setup just cuts out a few steps when donning and doffing PPE for sortie. Having been groundcrew on rotary and small fixed wings myself on deployments I can say for sure that these guys are having to take a crazy amount of equipment on board with them, so I’m sure this will be welcomed. Floatation systems can be clipped in along with all the usual tac gear placards and pouches. Plenty of tubes of course 🤟

Spiritus Systems

There’s no 2 ways to say it; @spiritussystems as with every truly top end company that’s been running for some time, is busy trying to actually manufacture the hundreds of SKUs they already have on the books. I don’t think I’ve spoken to anyone recently that makes my favorite kit and heard them say ‘oh yeah we’re easily keeping pace with demand there’s scope to just add more random stuff in wacky camo patterns to satisfy internet weirdos’. Actually bringing in the employees to make it all happen is a struggle for everyone I’ve asked and massively more so when they’re manufacturing in America. If you’ve ever said “just make more” then I don’t know what to tell you other than close your mouth and start learning vs talking.

My favourite new update however is the Thing 3. The 2 was great but I’d wished it had 4 PALS columns to the sides from the start personally so I’ll be making the upgrade. With the addition of PALS in the centre (loop field remains of cours) and extra cordura at the sides the capacity for PALS pouches has gone from 6 columns up to 22 total. The fixed side radio pouches are gone and you can now put whatever you like on both the front and back of each side wing (at the same time if you wish). An excellent base for either a modern placard or to build up purely using classic pouches.

The Frag Spud is to the original Spud what the JSTA is to the Mk4, like a half sized version. Same capabilities but to carry.. whatever you have that is in the region of the size of a tennis ball. This was one of the few base line pouch sizes/configs that Spiritus didn’t currently cater to and the gap is now filled.

Lastly the med sled is one supremely configurable insert for a small-medium GP or a fanny pack. Pull cord can be swapped to face whichever way you prefer. Built with all the usual top end fabrics and techniques you see in all their other offerings.


The part of the @hsprodukt VHS 2 I really don’t get is the LOP. I feel like it wasn’t necessary and it’s far longer than any other common bullpup I know of. Trigger isn’t far off the average SA80. Long 2 stage, a short amount of heavy creep before the break but at least not too mushy.

Hopefully I’ll be able to shoot one some day to see how it feels compared to the L85, Tavor and AUG.


Stopped by @brookwoodcompanies to chat a little fabric and nab a little more of one of my very favourite patterns.

Their Squadron laminate (500x1000D) is used in the current USMC body armour and between regular Squadron and lighter B52 (500x500D) if you own any recent laser cut type gear from a high end American brand you probably own some of their product.

I did my bit to nudge them to bring the trials pattern back but all we can do is all cross our fingers on that one!

An interesting progression to follow is also the @sniperdynamics StalkLand camo. Definitely a nice looking pattern and I know the guys behind it have invested amounts that most folks won’t believe to get uniform fabric along with cordura and webbing made. I’d seen one of their displays previously with non-mil spec, low-MOQ custom printed type uniform material and less pattern matching going on, but they’ve really progressed things. The uniform is very solid stuff from Tru-Spec in a NYCO blend and all the cordura gear on display is quality brands to boot. If you want to follow a prime example of 2 guys taking a leap to try and live that American dream 100% one to follow. Plus, how hard is it to show up somewhere in a pattern people haven’t seen at this point? Tricky to do, but not with this stuff, at least not yet.

Arktis + US Division

Praise the Lord hallelujah – not only did I find a new combat uniform at SHOT that doesn’t make me want to bring up my breakfast but it’s coming from a brand that had me worried for a minute there. There’s a tiny number of makers of tactical soft goods back home and I really want to see them all putting out good stuff.

@arktisltd has a new @arktisusa division just spooling up and I wasn’t sure what the setup would be, but they’re a distributor bringing in product in bulk from the UK manufacturing facility and allowing US customers to wait maybe a couple of days for shipping vs the current weeks. The domestic shopping experience on British gear with an amazing legacy. Initial focus will be MC, RG and US woodland which makes sense, but I could see the selection expanding significantly given the likely demand. Oh and their older not-MC pattern is going away, they’re doing @multicampattern and often in official custom fabrics in future.

The new replacement for the C222 Rangers shown here is in a 2 way mechanical stretch NYCO but different to the Crye G4s and, Arktis say, better. One to watch for sure. Glancing an eye over the features I was so relieved to see a combat trouser designed with a level head taking advantage of modern fabrics. Light and with a strong feature set. The Cargo Trouser is more cut like a Jean and while it has side cargo pockets they’re internal with a covered zip – in grey or black I’d wear them anywhere honestly.

Above is a new insulated jacket coming later this year that I tried on and is insanely light (one of those things you have to try yourself) but packs Primaloft Gold insulation. If it comes without loop then again I’d be considering it for everyday wear.

These 2 are the currently offered Vulcan (insulated) and Stealth (waterproof) jackets. These are part of a pretty new line that only came out a few months ago that I must admit I hadn’t seen yet but I think they represent a corner turned for the company. The Vulcan is again rocking Gold and packs down nice and small, while the Stealth is a waterproof at a price real people can actually afford and in terms of noise you normally get with GTX… well it’s in the name.


@mechanix_wear have their new Precision Pro glove and thank goodness they’ve stitched the finger tips the other direction vs Originals. If you’ve never tried a glove assembled this way absolutely seek it out if you want the most possible fine dexterity. Also moving the velcro strap to the outside of the hand absolutely makes them feel better around the wrist, it’s the right move.

I’m seeing these on their site for $35 right now, something to look at.

SHAW Concepts

In zero G you’ve got very limited mobility given the limitations of your suit, but magazine retention is kind of a non issue, so the @shawconcepts space man is rocking his gear in an interesting, unconventional configuration (for those interested the actual suit is a film prop NASA suit with custom SC LBE).

SC is a small but growing company and they’re standing tall with the absolute very best in the industry in terms of quality and design work without a doubt. I love it and own quite a few items myself. Even the wall display shown here is essentially a custom piece of gear using velcro and custom tegris mounts for each pouch.

A great example I was just given is when they recently spent 2 weeks focusing their small production team on making their excellent RAM inserts, only to sell out of the hundreds they’d made in 2 days. I think most folks looking at their site and handling their product would assume they’re a huge operation that’s been around for decades, but they punch far above their weight.

They are working on new things of course but hopefully the main thing they can bring to everyone in 2024 is plenty more stock!

Unity Tactical

@unitytactical are showing off their own magnifier, can’t knock eliminating one potential failure point. No doubt a slicker setup than what’s currently available. I did a side by side with a G33 and purely subjectively (inside a building) it looked about the same but there was no way I was getting hold of anybody to ask for info… lol.

Ace Tac Gear

People ask if I find any new gear brands and it’s a stretch sufficed to say. The only one I’ve seen so far that looked OK was @acetacgear.

They use US materials that are a teeny-tiny step down from what the big boys use (Brookwood laminate but not Squadron, duraflex hardware not ITW, a little less pattern matching) though their Tubes are genuine FS. They sew overseas to bring the price down a little bit. I’m not going to be the guy that literally only ever posts the most utterly premium stuff and if anyone doesn’t like it 🤷‍♂️

ATG offers a lifetime warranty and if you break it down to raw $/feature they are good value. I think for my airsoft mates for example who don’t want the worst from chyna but can’t *quite* stretch to the best, I might say they consider ATG.

“It’s too derivative 😭” their older stuff that they’re currently closing out, yes, but their new offering are literally just the ways that it makes sense to do modular kit now, there’s 50 placards out there that do the same thing including mine so I’m not here to judge unless a product is stitch for stitch. I also have a spidey sense for whether something is pure copy vs at least some part multiple discovery.

PTS Syndicate

I’ve seen surp DoD BFAs for pennies and multiple times I’ve thought about drilling one out to allow firing bbs, but now I don’t have to because @ptssyndicate has a ready to go option. Available in red or yellow and if you ever served and were issued an M4/16 you can now greatly enhance your prior service LARP feeling even if you never deployed.

Tbh given how close a lot of airsoft games are to a low level military FTX I’ve always thought this sort of addition just ‘fits’. Some builds I’ve seen with UTM style silencers and custom replicas of the mags are very cool too for example.

More practically; the EPM for the infamous ASG Scorpion is now finally available and I’ll definitely be looking to upgrade from my factory mags. Not pictured (by me, but easy to find) there’s also a line of licensed Dead Air mock cans.  As someone who likes to play a US civilian with my bb builds they’re on my radar because I know the PTS quality will be there and the QD locking mechanisms are going to be spot on.


Uniforms priced for actual real people from @truspec

The recent Direct Action line is a design you’ll all be familiar with, no doubt. Made overseas, uses a NYCO fabric and I’m told this ‘field’ cut comes in at $150 for solid colours and it does take a knee pad. The combat shirt is around $90. Comes in RG, Black and OCP now with this grey incoming.

Obviously I can’t comment on longevity etc and I haven’t worn it, but I only post something if it’s worthy of you folks at the least being aware of.

There’s also this waterproof parka for $120. I’d imagine gov order pricing for agencies can come in even lower.

Century Arms

Always fun to play with an old school machinen. HK will never but at least there’s MKE. Obviously booth examples might be cherry picked but this one felt well put together. They also do a K which seems proper with the 2 pin stock.

Again, more affordable for real people and looks 99% the part from more than 6″ away.

AXL Advanced

Some gen Z-er working for @axladvanced said I got him interested gear almost 10 years ago so now I’m definitely not going to promote their stuff 😤

They’ve had some staff turnover, various changes and acquisitions but I have no qualms in putting my faith in their tac gear with regards recommending a quality brand. The ever popular equinox cummerbund is potentially looking at a revised variant in the not too distant future so keep your eyes open for that.

For the show they’re displaying the RAC Links Gen 2 which comes in 2 variants, between those you can connect pretty much any model of COMTAC headset to the OC AMP arms. Compared to the old tegris Gen 1 these are now 3D printed from a very strong material and your ear cups now just quickly and easily snap in to place. Very much a welcome change over the old design.

As some of you will have seen they also bought up @vxvconcepts which I think is a great move for both parties and while usually I prefer to see competition over acquisition I think in cases like this the end result will be better for both the businesses and their customers. Wish them all the success as they transform and expand through 2024.

Tracer Tactical

If you’ve never taken a serious look at @tracertactical gear then this is your sign to start paying attention. This was my very first opportunity to get hands on and I’m glad to say my high expectations were very much met.

Their Origami shade for EUDs is already proving extremely popular and with the way everything is going there can be little doubt that electronic and tech of all kind are going to matter more and more but the tech will need nylon to help optimise it to the reality of the field for a very long time.

For me the new MRRV chest rig is a real beauty. Super light and super breathable using Omega mesh as the base material with plenty of laser cut PALS inside and out, with what amounts to a single cell placard (such as the Mk5) built in that you can kit out however your heart may desire.

I’m also loving the Tracert (individual 556 mag dual hook insert, right side of image) for the way it bridges the gap between classic elastic inserts and some of the tegris-centric inserts out there. I may need to try some out for myself just to confirm but I get a good feeling about them.

There’s also the patent-pending Viper closure system which works even better than I expected, plus the NV harness which is straight up impressive all around. Overall a brand with far too much going on to discuss in one post but you’d be a fool to not at least check out Tracer Tactical.


Above: The @condor_outdoor bags you know.
Below: They hired a designer who was previously at Mystery Ranch and are launching a new design using laser cut 500×1000 with hi-vis interiors.

Not quite as cheap of course but still value and I think anyone would agree the difference is night and day. The right side is coming in the 3 usuals plus legit MC and MCB. They were also showing a prototype where the beavertail is a plate bag that can be flipped to your front; I suggested rather than the current plate shape to make it generic-pouch looking, so it’ll be interesting to see how the final product looks come launch.

Also a recent release is the Paladin pant. Overseas made, PYCO without stretch but has stretch panels and uses real Mulitcam for $90. All without going crazy off the reservation on the design (unlike some other pants I’ve seen this week).

S.O.Tech Tactical

@sotechtactical continues to be one of the very most based US manufacturers of tactical gear using modern materials.

The BLOCS webbing uses a 6 point hardness which can attach direct to the pouches and it’s padded where it needs to be but super slim where required as well.

I wanted to build out a webbing set last year but none of the PALS belts that might be suitable really grabbed me, whereas the MBS that holds these BLOCS rigs together is looking extremely nice indeed. Sufficiently padded and stiff vertically at the same time, with the maximum possible breathability.


I took the very briefest look around but nothing jumped out at me at Sue Force Gear and I wasn’t going to stop to ask.


Yeah @harringtonandrichardson is maybe the coolest gun company going right now tbh (this image got rather distorted towards the bottom somehow).


I tried some Zastavas right after picking up some AKs at Century and that really gives you an appreciation.

Not super fancy, maybe even a little ‘gappy’ but it’s just an awful lot of really top quality steel, that much is evident.


Since @gunshorts has done an amazing job of *shilling* Beretta shotguns the past couple of years I couldn’t help but check out the 1301 mod 2 and the A300 patrol. For comparison I walked right through to Benelli next door to finger blast some M4s immediately after and at least from a handling perspective the winner is very clear indeed.

The 1301 in particular is lighter, with more ergonomic furniture, bigger and (far) better bolt release + cross bolt safety and the new mod for the lifter is excellent. Pretty sure the options on colours and furniture also blow the Benelli option out of the water too.

I’m no shotgun expert so there’ll be things I’ve missed but it still seems very obvious to me.

FN Part 1

New from @fn_america and this is something I really think will make a splash.

The M4 carbine is a light and super handy proposition with fantastic ergonomics, the safety for example can be flicked on or off using the firing thumb in a fraction of a second and the mag release is easily reached with the trigger finger. The bolt release is handily placed for quick reloads and the non-reciprocating charging handle being so low profile makes the upper receiver picatinny rail perfect for optics mounting.

Unfortunately the stock does not fold but it is collapsible and easily swappable, as is the pistol grip and the handguard. Really the modularity on offer here is off the charts given the way everything screws together on this system.

Utilising an innovative DI type gas system it will run a little more dirty, but recoil is very mild and a high level of is accuracy maintained. One to keep an eye on!


Of course your boy had to get hands on some kac.

Sadly the main offering of the KS1 for the US market is going to be in black no word on the tan, was recommended to go 3rd party on that one. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really feeling the 3k price tag in the hand. I get that it will probably shine through in the groupings and in the reliability however.

If the reputation is deserved then the price is, to give it it’s due, certainly in line with relevant competitors like LMT. Shame about the availability leading to such hard-core scalping. Supposedly the new suppressors will fare better in terms of production quantities.

Doge break


@palmettostatearmoryofficial is of course the brand of the moment and I’d not touched their stuff before today. Must admit I did not realise there were variants of the Sabre AR-10 beyond the SR-25ish one that’s been all the rage on the tube the past few months. The price on the one version I can see in stock right now though is shocking for a billet 308 that comes with a magpul bi-pod, 3 PMAGs and a case. I’ve heard they do absolutely everything for themselves in house which facilitates the pricing and as it happens a Hi-Point rep also told me the exact same thing this afternoon, so I’m inclined to believe it.

I am damn close to being a pump shotgun virgin but within a few seconds of picking up the 570 I had it figured out and I have to say I certainly prefer the controls to both the 500 and 870. Light weight and the lower one functioned smoothly.

Sadly the Stg wasn’t looking as great. Maybe it had been touched too damn much, but the selector was just free spinning and something seemed off with the tilting bolt interface with the gas piston. Looked generally like a more early stage of development type piece. They have the ability to progress it quickly though so fingers crossed for those who’ve been waiting.


The eye relief on the new Aimpoint 3X-P is super short, like ACOG/SUSAT short. Didn’t wow me tbh, preferred the unity and the old EoTechs. They do have a new P2 for shotguns however that comes with the parts to fit on any shotgun rib, even though those are totally not standardised for optic mounting.


The real OG TMAG from @ptssyndicate next to the new kid on the block from @magpul


In the English language, we read left to right.


This one I’m really happy to see and feeling good about. The TACO 2 from @highspeedgear (old TACO X2 on the left).

I’ve got TACOs from at least 10 years ago and none of the pretenders I’ve tried have persuaded me to switch, usually rather the opposite. There’s a reason it’s a mainstay of the company with so many variants and it consistently sells in quantity.

The update isn’t a secret sauce it’s laser cut laminate to replace the webbing front and there’s thermoplastic inside to stiffen, standard fare, but looks to be done quite well. There’s also been a refresh of the moulded side bracket. Lastly and again very good to see the backing has stepped down to 1/2″ spacing which is absolutely necessary for the best PALS mounting on most modern belts.

If you want a flapped version that’s also coming with a nice silent closure method on the front. Simple velcro in to the inside of the back.

Releasing next week in all the usual colours. The single rifle will be around $40. I’ll be getting one or two for myself.

Desert Tech

Raine Tactical

Not as much a ‘new stuff for SHOT’ post as a reiteration of a quality brand you absolutely should be looking at when shopping for nylon. I’ve owned the @rainetactical PC for a while now and yes this is absolutely high end gear like all the other brands you know; US made from US materials. Raine has been around forever but for a long time they were in the shadows making issued gear and doing OEM manufacture, so they have the experience needed to really do stuff well.

Imminently incoming is their modular placard, which is simple one but comes with 1″ SRBs and G-Hooks and a velcro adapter so not only will it go on to any PC it’ll take anyone’s inserts right out of the box, whether they’re hook-loop or hook-hook. If you don’t have this type of modular kit yet and want to be able to use inserts from both Spiritus and SHAW (for example) this is a solid option with no fuss.

Unfortunately I couldn’t show the more interesting non-modular placard they have coming which I think will be of great interest to folks who actually want a simpler gear setup with less parts going on. Hopefully it’ll be revealed in just the next couple or months.

Was also told they’ve got a few chest rigs and other bits planned this year so keep your eye out for those but more importantly check out their current offerings if you haven’t already, the PC with Tubes cummerbund comes in at 279 and it’s a perfect base to build your loadout using pouches and other stuff from just about any other brand you like.

Mountain Partisan

Last gear post from the show. You know Shield Arms? Does the magical G43X mags? Well apparently one of their employees was in to nylon so they’ve started doing that too of all things. US made, proper materials. Uses the OTTE Gear UAS (tube) for the split-front.

‘It looks just like everything else 😭’ and what does that tell you? How many ways do we think there are to make a modular chest rig?

There’s 3 main systems now:
1. Fixed
3. Modular inserts

Plus of course various hybrids. I’d say for the commercial market number 3 is seen as the aspirational system to work towards (whether necessary or not). Fixed and PALS will probably always cover the vast majority of conventional military. Unless someone invents some other amazing new way of carrying mags, frags and dranks that nobody is imagining right now the gear indsutry is very much on a plateau.

Eventually new materials and construction methods will come along to increase efficiency, but the thing that is made using the new method will probably be similar to what we have now. How REALLY different is the latest laminate mag pouch to an ALICE mag pouch?

They also had a sling which I tried out more to humour the booth rep honestly and to my shock the slider worked fantastically… and then they go and make most of the sling from elastic…

FN Part 2

Trying to say something about the FN MRGG-A submission here definitely sent me down a rabbit hole of different websites. While Geissele has been confirmed as the Sniper variant supplier, the winner of the Assault variant hasn’t been publicly announced (no idea if it’s been decided). From a maintenance/logistics standpoint it’d seem incredibly weird to me to have the 2 variants come from different companies but perhaps that just doesn’t matter to the folks in question.

I’m not the strongest person by any means but I have to say I find the modern line-up of DMR-type weapons very unwieldy and their all-up weights are really getting up there. Far as I can gather the MRGG submissions are all lighter than previously used equivalent rifles like the SSR and SR-25, but there’s always more and bigger accessories and all the guns themselves are just big by volume. The scopes and range finders and silencers needed for maximum performance with 6.5C at 1k+ are very much not the sort of accessories we saw on Mk18s.

Obviously I have 0 experience in the sort of missions where these types of are employed. It almost feels like we’re going in to an era where 600m and in with a 556 rifle is going to be classed as self defense type engagement for support personnel (like me), which then seems to clash a bit from the city-focused discussion that was floating around a few years ago, but again I’m neither an operator nor a high level doctrine person.

What keeps sticking out to me (and these are not opinions on what should be adopted, just observations) is that the original AR-10 was a thing and there’s clearly been a push for lighter machine guns with some designs out there. Or at least more capability from a similar weight using rounds like 338NM and the 6.8×51. The adoption of the M7 is clearly an indicator at least of what some top brass in the US Army think is going to matter (cynicism aside) and given the various hot spots around the world right now who knows what the next big thing will be? Personally I’m pretty wary of all the folks who claim their crystal ball is the best one, but we’ll see eh?


  1. Orlan

    Any chance you’re going to give the Crye G4 Hot Weather uniforms a trial go?

    I am sore tempted to get a set of these for use where I live (hot and miserably humid summers,) but there’s very little end user feedback on this variation of the G4 line. I was holding out hoping you’d give it a try and post a critical review before I spent the money, just to be sure.

    • Comment by post author


      Unfortunately right now I down own any HW items and there’s a limit on how much camo I can physically own. I think it’s a safe bet that it’ll be very breathable and quick drying but you’ll lose out on durability; pick your poison.

      • Orlan

        Understood and excellent points. Durability is a concern, definitely.

        Please keep up the great work, and thanks much for the SHOT Show overview. All very educational and informative.

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