Simple 6/12 Chest Setup

Really simple MultiCam setup I threw on to a FirstSpear Modular Chest Rig 6/12 using Eagle Industries pouches of a more old-school construction.

It’s hard to beat that triple mag up front config really. If you’ve got a sidearm on a belt then a couple of pistol mag pouches on the support hand side can be handy, but if you don’t have a pistol then those are easily replaced with another GP or maybe radio pouch and you’ve got the necessities to get you by for a short while in a really compact package that has very little to no hindering effect on your movement.

This chest rig itself is admittedly one of the few bits of FS kit I’ve sold on, purely because I had too many chest rigs with very similar setups and it was a toss up between this one and the discontinued FS Split-Front Chest Rig. I’m a huge fan of a split rig and even more so with the Tubes so the choice, to me, was pretty clear.

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