Slimline AGB Sleeve – The Modern FS Battle Belt

The FirstSpear Slimline AGB Sleeve. I’ve gone over the original AGB Sleeve before on a video and I used it for a little while as a belt-rig to partner my plate carriers. It worked well but it was a product of its’ time and things have moved very rapidly in the realm of light-load belt kits just in the past couple of years.

The popularisation of the inner/outer belt combo with hook & loop joining solved a problem I think many people had had out there for a long time, I know I was certainly amongst that group. When I saw FS updating their ‘warbelt’ option to include this setup along with a slimmer, lighter profile I jumped in and ordered up a pair of them sharpish.

With the possible exception of an issue smock, after taking this belt on deployment and wearing it all the time I wasn’t asleep I’ve put in more hours with it than any other piece of kit I’ve ever bought or been issued. Served me very well, I’ll go in to more details on video at some point.

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