Swerve The System

In theory, specific pouches designed purely for mounting to belts can be very nice for using on your belt line in place of a conventional PALS pouch. They can be more secure and ‘sit’ a lot better all round. There was some fanfare when HSGI released their belt-mount-only TACOs. Personally as a very big fan of the TACOs and as someone who uses them on almost all my belts and plate carriers etc I had to try out a few of their new belt mount variants, but frankly I found them underwhelming and I do not see any reason to buy them over the standard PALS mount. ¬†At least not once you think the matter through.

I’ve explained here my thoughts on a far better solution to the issue at hand that gives the user more versatility and flexibility with the gear they’ve bought, therefore making their money do more.

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