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T.Rex Arms AC-Uno

Just saving for posterity.  I have absolutely nothing against T.Rex Arms as a business, I’m not a customer of theirs, I think they have some good ideas and are undoubtedly very successful but they are controversial in some respects to some people.

What did happen was they promised they would ‘always have stock’ of their Made In America AC-1 PCs (unlike Spiritus) so they out-sourced to a big manufacturer in California which is understandable since they don’t have a big facility of their own.  However that manufacturer then further sub-contracted out parts of the rigs and one of those subs sent some of the work over the border to Mexico where they have lots of sewing facilities and labour is cheap.  I don’t think this is T.Rex’s fault, they’re selling the PCs that might have been made in Mexico at a very low price and very much sorting out previous customers.

What did happen a lot in the Spiritus group is people who know nothing about manufacturing nylon goods and the business thereof called out SS for ‘never having stock’ on the basis that T.Rex would be the savior everyone was hoping for in the great tac gear buyout of 2020 (in the USA).  It was clear to all of us who have a tiny bit of knowledge that this was not going to work out exactly to plan and as it turns out, it didn’t.

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