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Tactical-Stuff Photography – Less Than a 101

Close up on the PTS licensed Rainier Arms/Radian Weapons Raptor charging handle in a KWA Performance Industries, Inc. LM4.

Now, I’m a bad photographer and an even worse image editor. I own/use a Canon that on the outside looks like a fancy DSLR but is actually the most basic/cheapest model they ever produced as far as I’m aware and is surpassed in many, if not most, respects by my Galaxy S10’s camera. I also use GIMP to edit which is entirely free to download online and far better than any free mobile apps for editing I’ve come across, so if you own a laptop it’s what I’d recommend. I don’t own any studio lights nor do I have space to keep any, but the energy from our closest star is entirely free if you just wait a minute for even a slightly sunny day. Large paper for easily-editable backgrounds can be had for not much money at all on eBay/Amazon.

Point being if you throw guns/gear on your bed at night and light the room with the normal ceiling light it’s going to look nasty. The difference of using good outdoor light, spending a fiver on paper and using the gadgets you already own properly is pretty significant. Honestly this is one of the very best examples of taking advantage of the first part of the curve on a graph delineating the concept of ever-diminishing returns i.e. extremely rapid gains initially which tail off with the more money you spend.

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