Taking It Way Back

I signed a set of webbing out of stores yesterday for a 3 day course I’m on the week after next. I knew there was a new PALS based MTP belt in the system but I’d never seen the old PLCE in MTP before this week. Why exactly they’ve brought it back and only changed the colours I’m not sure because it uses 1000D and is seriously over-built just like the old DPM stuff, so it’s probably not even that cheap to make with all the metal ‘pull the dot’ fasteners and other heavy duty bits.

The pouches do have velcro closures inside (that can be covered and disabled) but the surface area isn’t enough for them to be relied on to my mind. The spanish fly system you get on the outside is really slow and awkward to close in the best of conditions let alone in cold gloves or when time matters, it’s basically the same setup that the canvas webbing of WW2 and earlier used. There’s not much to go wrong with it and it’ll almost never wear out, but even ALICE used better, faster buckles back in ‘nam.

It’s a pain to setup in some ways compared to PALS pouches, but it sure does take me back. I first had to rig this stuff up in basic 10 years ago. I only had a couple of pouches on my rig, but there’s no denying that the belt remains the most effective and comfortable place on the body to carry the weight of your kit. So much easier to get on and off compared to most issued body armour systems.

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