Tasmanian Tiger at DSEI

TT are a brand that don’t grab a lot of headlines in the gear world, certainly not as many as I’d say they should do given the quality of product they put out. Their main business is packs and you can see a few of their new offerings here including some medical packs with literally the greatest amount of organisation I’ve ever seen in a bag.

They’ve also got hook+loop mounted organiser pouches and some pretty well designed PALS pouches in slightly more traditional layout. Couple of new plate carrier designs new for this year as well, very slim, slick stuff.

Since I’ve got so much content to post I won’t get right down in to the weeds with most of these posts and go in to mega detail on fabrics and construction etc, but if you see anything you’re interested in the manufacturer will be tagged for further explanation and as always ask me whatever you like in the comments. Overall as far as TT are concerned if you want any high end nylon gear I’d certainly put them on your short list.

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