The Crye Tigers Cometh

This isn’t super widely known, but the beginnings of the Tiger Stripe batch of G3 Cryes were way back in mid-late 2019 and Tac Distributors were not the originators, they just tacked on to the order as far as I know.

My own part of the custom order via Tiger Striped Misfits took a very long, roundabout and criss-cross route to get to me (mostly through personal choice) and I have a feeling I might’ve been the last person to get my items in the group order, but they are now here with me through all the COVID delays at different points in 2020 during manufacturing, shipping etc. They even got stuck at Heathrow over Christmas when the combination of the pandemic with the huge extra volume of packages did worry me a bit as to whether I’d actually get them at all, but they made it in the end.

I might write a bit more about the story of this whole group order thing later, if people are interested. No I’m not keeping all of these, but unless you’re feeling *extremely* flush right now you probably don’t want to ask me what they’re going for to be quite brutally honest.

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