The Full 9 Meme Archive

Previously I kept the memes I make purely to social media as they don’t really fit the content theme of the blog, but then I decided that the content theme is whatever I like and more importantly my various Meta accounts could be vanished by big zuck at any time at all (or more likely by the incredibly poorly trained algo Meta uses to police content).

For example, as of early May 2024 my IG account is currently disabled and in limbo; I may well lose it but it’s awaiting review.  Supposedly that takes a day but it’s been a week already and I’m still locked out.  IG said I was selling firearms, but it was actually just flagging posts from SHOT Show where I’d say things like ‘here’s a pic of the new XYZ product from ABC company that’s coming soon’ underneath a picture of some type of weapon (often just an airsoft replica).

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