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The Most British Gun

Imagine a Venn diagram, the type with the linking circles. There’s 2 circles, one with avid Battlefield 1 players in, the other containing avid fans of Forgotten Weapons. Right in the middle there’s a teeeeny tiny inter-section of folks who will maybe care about this news.

As seen here in my screen cap of LevelCap‘s video uploaded yesterday, the 1915 Howell rifle is coming to BF1 in the next DLC. What is it? Only one of THE weirdest and most interesting firearms ever to have ever existed. It’s an SMLE, with what I suppose would qualify as a long stroke gas piston just slap-dashed on to the side to open, cycle and close the normal bolt handle that the shooter would usually operate with their hand. I very strongly encourage you to check out Ian’s video to see this gun working:

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