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UF-Pro Gen 1 Combat Shirt

Next up; the¬†UF PRO¬†Striker XT Combat shirt, first generation. Said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re not going to get blown up or shot at with a flame thrower, it’s right up there with the best for hot climate usage. NYCO sleeves and collar, all synthetic torso that dries in no time, merino blend under the arms and extra zipped vents for more airflow (amongst other features).

Since I ended up going to a larger size after they moved to gen 2 I made a comparison video a little while back, which you can check out here if you missed it:

This is one of the few bits of gear out of Europe that’s not so weird and badly designed it doesn’t make me shake my head and slide right back on over to all my US made kit. As I’ve mentioned before you will want to check the site carefully if you would prefer NYCO over Poly/Co because the construction varies by colouration options. But either way I’ve had a lot of experience with the torso fabric they use and I’ve found it to be an excellent option despite the fact it’s actually quite cheap to make. Can’t underestimate that built in merino wool either, that stuff is just awesome all around and definitely not a cheap fabric.

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