Valken KILO Combat Shirt

I picked up one of these Valken Kilo combat shirts from Just Paintball a while back just to use the torso fabric as a donor for another project, but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised when it turned up given the low cost.

If you want a fully patterned shirt with a nicely wicking torso in either Tigerstripe or US Woodland (2 of the best camos that exist of course) and for a budget price, then the Kilo or Tango models are the best and only options on the market as far as I know. They’re available fairly commonly in both the UK and US, usually from paintball retailers.

The sleeve fabric is a fairly cheap PYCO that I’m sure will fade a bit quicker than a more expensive shirt and the stitching isn’t super high count with lots of reinforcements but it’s not bad either truth be told.

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