Normally I can’t actually post what I do. But today was the camp airshow/families’ day and there were a bazillion civvies with smart phones wondering around anyway snapping everything, so I presume I fall under the same rules.

Being the armourer on camp who knows more about guns than what’s necessary to do the job, I end up doing allllll of the presentations to cadets and non-military visitors. I wish I’d kept my damn mouth shut years ago and pretended I thought the 762 for the AK was the same thing as NATO 762 for the FN MAG etc.

The M134 is a toothless training aid we borrowed, everything else I deactivated in such a way it can’t fire but cocks and appears to function exactly as normal when handled. Easy on the L85 and the AKM, took a bit of scrounging, hacking and bashing with the Glock 17 and the air-role GPMG. All returned to fully working order at the end of the day with some easy part swaps (long as you have things like original Russian AK bolts lying around).

Doesn’t look like much of a display admittedly, but when you have exactly 0 budget and have to beg, borrow, steal, dust off, unearth and otherwise hunt down or fabricate every single little thing yourself it is a little bit of a challenge.

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