What Happens in Vegas?

After a couple of tentative 5p-50p days of send a lot of e-mails back and forth with the organisers, my badge is in.

That was fortunate, because in a logistic/organisation sense it’s definitely takes some time to get this trip sorted each year. I actually booked my flights and hotel way back in June to ensure I got what I wanted at decent prices. Top tip for anyone going: you can get a far nicer room for less money if you just stay at a place slightly further from the expo centre and travel about 10-15 minutes on the monorail/bus – the premium on 2-3* rooms that are near the sands centre is just bonkers.

I actually booked in my leave for this right after the 2017 show to maximise my chances. 2 weeks taken from my annual allowance, about 10 days of it in Las Vegas and the rest trying to get back on to UK time since there’s an 8 hour difference. I usually volunteer to come in on duty and check on the armoury during part of the christmas grant that everyone takes, otherwise I’m smashing most of my year’s entitlement in the space of 6 weeks. It’s pretty funny when I get there I have to say, because the first few days I get out of bed around 2 or 3 in the morning and feel fully wide awake. That also totally takes away my appetite for some reason, so I eat 1 small meal a day for the first week, then eat like a starved horse in the last 3 days just as I get adjusted. It’s a fun time all around in that regard. Something different to my usual routine anyway.

If all goes to plan I’ll be teaming up with Kit Badger to stroll the convention floor for the full 4 days (and hopefully a couple of different range days), checking out all the best in firearms and tactical gear to post up and bring you good folks all the news and cool/interesting products we possibly can.

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