10s Airsoft Throwbacks pt. 2

A while back I mentioned that I’d managed to recover a ton of pictures from my early airsoft days that were hosted on photobucket and I thought were lost forever. I posted an earlier version of this build back in January of this year. Obviously I make no apologies for the photography, this was taken around 12-14 years ago.

The previous iteration lacked the replica FN EGLM (peak 10s hotness) and the EoTech magnifier of the day. In the intervening time I added a Magpul BAD Lever because of course and switched the muzzle device from the previous face-masher bird cage over to this vague approximation of the KAC TTB. Mounting for the EGLM fortunately worked out really well as the CAS-V came with a bolt on pic section that was long enough to support the hefty thing, but also allowed it to sit far enough back that a mag could be inserted in the usual way in to the rifle.

Since the NiMh battery for this TM NGRS went inside the handguard I had to dismount the UGL in order to power the whole thing. The primary takeaway here however is the immense weight of it and my total ignorance thereof. I was a solid 20Kg+ lighter (seriously stick thin) than I am now at that time. I also very much lacked the experience and appreciation of muscle fatigue to know that, while I could aim it at home, I would not be able to realistically use it in an airsoft game all day.

Airsoft 40mm rounds are largely impractical and you rarely ever see them being used for that reason. I even added a 480p action cam to the side on the occasion that I did use this setup, so the skinny Magpul MS2 sling dug in to my shoulder super hard. Suffice to say, on the one day that I did take this out I learned a good lesson that has really stuck with me.

The thick and heavy ACS stock went away, as did the un-used launcher. I still own said launcher for use in pictures but that’s about all. Though these days I’d be able to carry this a bit better than I could over a decade ago.

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