00s Fashion

For a good couple of years I thought I’d lost all the pics of my hyper-tacticool airsoft kits and replica builds from around 2007-2012 due to changes on photobucket (the obvious go to image host of the time).

Honestly I’ve had a lot of super rough personal events lately of a more serious nature and thinking I’d lost a good few hundred images of all my own earliest forays into gear felt like just a little extra twist of the knife, especially since I’d foolishly never backed them up. Thank all the gods that I managed to grab a big old zip download of all the files over the weekend somehow, despite PB’s giant “Pay us money now!” bright red warnings and previously thinking they’d deleted all my stuff.

In celebration, here’s one of my first customisation efforts on a TM recoil, featuring King Arms CASV replica and PTS licensed Magpul grip, stock, sling plate and sling. This was the perfect setup for this type of bb gat as you could incredibly easily unclip the bottom half of the handguard to put in your big old nickel based battery; it was even easier than on a RAS. In retrospect, it was honestly super solid, really nice BUIS setup too. Freefloat, with the ability to just screw on pic rail sections wherever you wanted; same as the real thing.

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments box and tell me about your late 00s builds on real and replica ARs, because it was a magical time indeed. If people like it I’ll post up some more of this stuff, just now and then in between the usual content.

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