5.45 AK Shoot

This particular visit to Battlefield: Vegas was my first time firing the 5.45mm round and wow.. night and day by comparison to the 762×39 AK and doubly as noticeable when firing automatic. The 762 round was good for its’ era (which is basically WW2) and somewhat comparable to the ‘8mm kurz’ fired by the Stg44 and yes it’ll absolutely still kill you, but when you stack it up against modern alternatives it does fall short in a lot of regards, which is ironic because literally falling short is something it does really well!

Little dip near the start there just getting used to the specific recoil impulse, I get the feeling I actually over-compensated and leant in too far expecting more recoil than I actually got. As you can see during the slo-mo, this is perhaps not a weapon you would want to fight with at night.

It’s surprising how few people know that AKs other than the 47/AKM even exist or that the Russians switched their standard round decades ago. The 545 shoots farther and faster with a flatter trajectory, a lot less recoil and goes in to much straighter magazines that get along better with gear. The Russians did also adopt a plastic magazine as standard long before the US/UK, which is another interesting point I’ve not seen highlighted elsewhere.

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