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Guess what I’m going to be posting this year? That’s right, the exact same bloody stuff as every year up to now.

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So here’s the MilSpecMonkey ‘Tac-Organizer’ pouch that I use to carry some basic first-aid stuff in to longer airsoft games. Airsoft is a sort of sport where you can always guarantee someone’s going fall over and cut themselves, or get burnt on the constant barrage of pyrotechnic devices flying all over the shop. I don’t think I’ve been to a game where something like that hasn’t happened, and my brother now almost exclusively wears FR camo gear to skirmish because flammable materials at sites have a habit of going up when he’s nearby (not his fault I should say, he doesn’t use pyro).

There are 2 things I particularly like about this option from MSM:

1. It’s made in the US by Tactical Tailor so you know it’s good to go in terms of materials and stitching.

2. They really focused on the ‘organiser’ part. This is something a LOT of ‘admin’ pouches out there fail to do. One big, featureless compartment is no use for organising stuff, especially little bits like medical kit.

This isn’t necessarily the absolute ‘perfect’ FAK option as pouches go since a lot of people would prefer a tear-off, but I keep this on the side of my backpack so for dealing with minor injuries I can sling the pack on to the floor and get at what I need quickly and easily.

The picture of the internals above is something I snapped super quick to give a ROUGH idea of the way the internal dividers can sort out any medical or admin items you store inside the pouch. Overall MSM and TT have done a really solid job of laying out the inside to securely accommodate stuff you actually want to carry. No pocket that’s pointlessly large and leaves your kit sloshing around, or vice versa. The external stash pocket (with plenty of loop) and elastic retention accommodate anything you might want to get at at top speed.

You probably don’t want to put one of these on your chest above your magazines because it’s pretty deep when filled. I also still hate MALICE attachment, but you can always get some Whiskey Two-Four straps for a huge improvement in that department.

All in all, a well designed and built product and one of my more frequently used items.

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