Gearskin/ACTinBlack PVS-14 Wrap

One example of the Gearskin/ACTinBlack Night Vision wraps. I know some of you out there will have a lot of experience with Gearskin on all sorts of kit, personally I’ve only used this one small product so I’ll welcome your experience on the long term usage in the comments.

Personally I just wanted my monocular to not just be entirely flat black and to cover at least some of the (comparatively) shiny plastic; at the time (about 2.5 years ago) this product was the only option I could find. I like the fabric itself because it’s just NYCO you’d see in a uniform with a good adhesive backing and it applied fairly well with minimal effort. Being uniform fabric it is very much a matte finish and nicely textured, absolutely no shine or reflection here. Unfortunately I forgot to look at it through my one night vision device before application, so I can’t comment myself on how good it may or may not look through an IR viewing device.

I was a little disappointed the device wasn’t more thoroughly covered, but at least the pre cut pieces fit on well where they were meant to so application time was extremely minimal. In future I’d perhaps recommend just buying a flat square of gearskin and wrapping up your NV yourself with paper templates as long as you’ve got the patience to do so. In fact you may have to take that route as googling around I’m left uncertain on whether this specific product is even still in production.

What is in production is the vinyl wrap line from Nocorium, whose facebook page seems to be temporarily down but they’re easy to google. I’ll be picking up a product from them at some point without a doubt and I’ll let you all know how it fares.

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