I’m a Wanderer

Think I started my game of Fallout 4 roughly a year ago now, spent all my down time in Afghan building this huge glass and concrete mansion thing out on Spectacle Island, filled it with pretty much every type of power armour possible. Started working on the DLCs before completing the main quest, then BF1 came out which took my attention for a long while, but after a few days completing Nuka-World today I’ve finally destroyed the institute. Pretty sure I’ve checked every location on the map and done nearly every quest there is going, so I’ve hung up my X-01, my Gauss Rifle and my Quad Barreled rocket launcher, currently sat on the 4th floor balcony at Lvl100 enjoying a cool can of emergency ration water.

Also decided to break open my copy of American Sniper this evening since I’m staying on camp for the weekend and I had a lot of time to kill. I won’t get in to real detail on my thoughts, because as many things as there were that stuck out in the combat sections that were maybe not *exactly* realistic, I’d say the story being told and the issues highlighted are what matters most.

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