First Nerd Convention

Thanks to a pair of very cool people I know at Startees for getting me in to London Film and Comic Con even when it was entirely sold out. Can’t say I’ve ever been to such a thing before but it’s something I’ve been interested in for years having seen so many costumes online that have been just bang on to the game, film and TV characters. Admittedly I’ve never bought a comic in my life and once I’m done watching something that’s pretty much the end of my interest with most things, but on the other hand I did get pretty damn excited to see various iterations of Time Crisis running on CRT TVs with the light guns on a bunch of old school consoles.

 Cherry picked a bunch of the best get ups I found after walking every aisle of the halls, obviously not having one myself I went for the most ironic contextually-hipster t-shirt I owned. Which also helps with not getting Lee-Rigby’d when you’re walking the streets and your government only trusts you to carry a Glock in other people’s countries.

Something to consider checking out if you’re near London perhaps and definitely if you’re someone in to collectables. Consider giving StarTees and my buddy Violentwind Cosplay a look if you also enjoy nice human beings (no business association, just fellow friendly nerdy people).

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