Top Materials – Less Money

In the process of going over these Explorer model field type trousers in A-Tacs Camo by Leo Köhler GmbH & Co. KG, I wanted to take the opportunity to run down the 2 most commonly seen fabric types used in most camouflage/tactical gear.

Now it isn’t as simple as just poly/cotton vs nylon/cotton because there are variances in fabric weights, weave and balance of the blend (especially on the py/co side) but the basic differences do remain pretty much the same. As per usual with stuff I post, the moral of the story is if you take the time to learn and look around, you’ll find that within the commercial space you can spend less money for a better product than *some* ‘big’ personalities might make you think. do not, for some reason, have a page here on facebook but for those of your in Europe looking to buy kit for sporting usage of any kind, I recommend checking them out for military surplus apparel and commercial camo and load bearing kit that delivers a lot of quality for the money.

There are probably better places to go when you want equipment for life-on-the-line work and anyone who’s also serving or in the police/contracting world etc is always more than welcome to post here or message me directly if they’re after advice in that regard. I can certainly point you to lots of good resources.

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