A Tale of 2 Cummerbund Adapters

First off to say thanks to both @vxvconcepts and @a.and.atac who both very kindly made 2 band custom versions of their usually 3-band cummerbund adapters for me (I paid them money of course but that’s still going out of their way).

On the left in RG – the lower back of the @c2rfast Chameleon with the flap on the skin opened up. AandA Velcro Interface Panel is securing the @shawconcepts ARC Cummerbund V2. I wanted the MSR but it wasn’t in stock, the Chameleon doesn’t come with Tubes and I was ordering a few bits from SHAW while they had a sale on so I compromised (have to some times, not living in the states).

On the right in MC – lower back of the @firstspear Strändhogg V3 again opened up, the loop surface is actually on the flap here so that’s where the VXV Grid•Skeletal Set is attached. Since the @axladvanced Equinox has been so popular I had to try one out for myself. There’s room for the standard 3 band Skeletal set from VXV, but I have MC mesh skins for my C2R Chameleon, so now I can swap that to the MC cummerbund fairly quickly should I so desire.

After messing around with my Spiritud 3 band Tubes cummerbund and folding the lower strand at the back to try and really nail the positions of the plate bags, I decided these 2 above cummerbund options were what I wanted to use on these 2 PCs and they do achieve the aim. I have no personal need to worry about plate placement on these rigs, but most folks who follow my posts do have real armour inside their nylon. I only do this for the gram, aka the aesthetics.

Does a 2 band make sense for the average combatant in war? I’d say no as soft armour makes them rather irrelevant unless you’re rocking something like an AVS and those are not averagely priced. In most wars soft armour is perhaps even more important than any hard plates.

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