Achtung! Crye G2 Combat Trousers – Flecktarn

For more information on the fabrics and origins of Crye G2s in German camos refer to my earlier post on the matching shirt that goes with these trousers.

Based on this label attachment location and the shiny zip slider with black rubber cover this particular pair was likely made fairly early on in production of Gen 2 uniforms.  Though there’s always the potential that the bureaucracy and minutiae of military procurement may have slowed things down or created  an unusual outlier.

The one major difference in cut/design with the German Gen 2s is these slotted buttons on the main cargo pockets.  The combination of 2 buttons with a small velcro closure is also seen on the Navy Custom uniforms and the UKSF orders in Multicam, but those all use American style 4-hole buttons, whereas the (much superior) taped style buttons are pretty unique to the Gen 2s in Flecktarn and Tropentarn.

Other than those buttons, these trousers are the entirely standard AC cut.  In terms of collector value, for those interested, both German woodland and desert patterns are extremely rare to see for sale and in very high demand, so the prices go very high indeed.  To my knowledge only a single batch of the Gen 2s and Gen 3s of both patterns were made, the G3s coming via TacWrk.  What I see online makes me think they were probably fairly small batches at that.

Unusually, I have actually seen the Gen 2s for sale more often than the 3s, in fact it took me a lot longer to acquire my Gen 3 fleck trousers and they’re a bit more used than I normally buy and not my size.   I actually still don’t have the G3 matching shirt nor have I personally seen one up for sale.

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  1. Nick

    Definitely the coolest AC’s in my opinion! It’ll be interesting if Crye ever makes some G4’s I. This pattern. It seems the nuance (like the buttons) that was in the various G2’s is gone for the G3’s. No matter the pattern all the G3’s I can think of are identical in build.

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