Crye LAC G3 Combat Shirt

Due to an anachronism with Crye’s production and the long route stuff that I buy takes to reach me I ended up receiving the upper half of the LAC set much later than the lower half, so for a bit of the history of this particular uniform type click here for the post about the associated combat pants.

As with all LACs this particular shirt is one of very few items made by CP from a specific blue poly/cotton blend fabric rather than the staple nylon/cotton materials which are generally preferred and seen as the baseline by many for serious tactical applications.

For a less military look more suited to police wear the bicep pockets and velcro are entirely omitted here with the small CP brand ribbon relocated to a unique location. Other than that, this is just a G3 combat shirt, though I’d certainly be interested to hear from anybody who was ever issued one of these as to whether they ever actually fitted the Airflex elbow pads and found them useful in their job roles.

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