Crye Precision Combat Elbow Pads – Generation 1

For those uninterested in the more niche¬†Crye Precision¬†items you will be glad to hear these elbow pads are the last Gen 1 item I’ll be posting for some time as they represent the last piece in the puzzle as far as the full set of Multicam G1 Combat uniform goes.

If you happen to have missed the article covering the G1 combat shirt itself then be sure to give that a look over:

Crye Precision Combat Shirt – Generation 1

As with the G1 combat knee pads we are again looking at a tan, rubber-like triangular cap stitched on to the outside of a thin and somewhat flexible pre-curved grey plastic main piece. On the inside for padding there is a fairly thin layer of closed cell foam with a thin piece of black fabric sealing it all together on the inside.

As with the Gen 2/AC shirts the elbow pads are not fully contained within the pad pocket the way they are with Gen 3, it’s more of a pass-through system. The wearer’s elbow sits directly inside the pad and the elastic strap is attached to the outside of via the tan coloured piece of hook you can see adhered on to the outer surface. That strap goes around the wearer’s arm to keep the elbow locked in to place such that the joint itself will rest in the area where the triangular stitch line is visible on the inner surface.

I was honestly quite amazed to come across this set in new and entirely unused condition and for an extremely low price at just the time I was putting together my G1 set. Unfortunately only one of the elastic forearm straps is present when there should be a pair, but the original instructions were included. Whether the plastic bag I received these in is the packaging that was used by Crye at the time I don’t know for sure. I never personally purchased any Gen 1 items when they were available commercially and pictures of said items in their packaging are not abundant to say the least. Social media dedicated to tactical gear wasn’t a thing in the early 2000s of course.

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