Finnish PC

InRange TV uploaded a very nice video today showcasing different variable magnification optic selections as part of their ‘What Would (Eugene) Stoner Do’ ideal AR-15 build series. Good thoughts and real world, practical shooting experience with the items discussed as always.

The rifles themselves are great setups with modern pencil barrels, carbon fibre handguards, polymer lower receivers and every other part coming under intense scrutiny. However I am mainly a gear guy and while the clothing in the video caught my eye as it often does, Karl’s plate carrier is what really grabbed my attention. Being a modern design that I had most certainly never seen before (a rare thing) I started digging through the comments and fortunately struck oil.

The carrier, named the Verseidag Tacticum, is made by Sioen Ballistics Oy, retailed over at and currently in use by Finnish SOF. If you know much about Finland’s history in conflict, you’ll no doubt have the same respect for the way they do things as I do.

There’s a pretty nice looking 3-band cummerbund with mesh spacing and slim shoulder straps of a synthetic fabric which may or may not be similar to what I showcased from C2R at DSEI. The stand out of course is the zip panels being both front and back, eschewing the more popular and somewhat standardised modular front flap that Velocity/Mayflower and Crye have begun to popularise over the past couple of years.

The plate pockets themselves have plenty of PALS sewn on, a lot of it being loop covered for a pretty extreme level of modularity. You’ve then got similar layouts with full PALS on the outsides of the zipped panels and again, plenty of loop. The slight disadvantage to this is you’re carrying a lot of wasted webbing and loop behind that zip panels that’s bulking your rig out and adding some weight, so if your goal is truly minimalist kit in terms of zero-wastage you’ll be carrying around a bit extra, but there’s certainly no lack of modularity.

Personally I’d run some slick pouches like TenSpeeds up front, they’d easily get hidden away underneath the zip panel which could itself be fitted with other pouches for something like a sub gun. Heck looking at the layout, you could possibly even jam some FS Multimags under the panel if there’s enough slack built in to the dimensions of the cordura.

Not a cheap price on the face of it, however the 4th image on the product page actually shows what you’re getting and there’s a lot there for the money. The base PC itself, with shoulder strap wraps, both front and rear modular panels included as well as entirely modular/removable spacer mesh pads from the front, back and shoulders. That’s a setup I’ve considered having custom made myself so I’m pretty excited to see that offered from a manufacturer.

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