FirstSpear Split-Front Chest Rig Setup

I posted a FirstSpear chest rig recently that I’d sold on since photographing it and mentioned this other FS rig within the post. This is the Split-Front that I’ve previously featured in a video and even though these pictures are from a couple of years ago the configuration is still the same.

Left to right:
Blue Force Gear, Inc. medium GP
Warrior Assault Systems .338 mag x 2
-BFG Smoke grenade
-FS GP, Small

It’s a very light setup that will carry a small amount of essentials and I have endeavoured to configure it a manner in keeping with the design intentions of the chest rig.

While the FS Tube in the centre makes donning this rig super quick and easy the other huge plus is that when the wearer wishes to lie prone they can simply unclip and splay their kit out to their sides meaning increased comfort, a lower prone position and easier access to stowed items. These particular WAS pouches are the only Warrior products I still own and I may replace them if I come across something I prefer but they remain an extremely versatile size for all sorts of small magazines, chargers and clips for smaller capacity weapons that don’t fall in to the same category as modern military carbines.

Unfortunately FS have discontinued the Split-Front commercially which is a shame as I really like my example, but if you happen to be a member of a military unit or police division and your marksman/recce troops could use a chest rig like this then get in touch with them and pose the question.

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