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FS Range Day – TRIARC SBR + Aimpoint + Silencio

Couldn’t get an angle on the ‘good side’ of the gun sadly, but here’s a few frangible rounds going through a TRIARC Systems rifle with Aimpoint optics during the FirstSpear range day just as SHOT was kicking off.

Cheers to Femme Fatale Airsoft for running her camera for me, also for an interesting observation. A lot of the guns that were out for this event were equipped with silencers so it was a good opportunity to really compare the difference actually ‘in situ’ vs shooting a standard muzzle one day then a suppressed one later. Kelly commented on the significant disparity between the suppressed and non-suppressed weapons and generally how much more comfortable and pleasant it was to simply be in the vicinity of rifles running suppressors compared to those that weren’t.

Having been around firearms somewhat frequently myself for coming up on 11 years now but rarely having shot suppressed weapons, it really wasn’t something that occurred to me immediately I have to say, but the second it was pointed out I found myself in complete agreement. When you’ve been stood around watching and chatting to folks for a little bit while the firing line has been running entirely suppressed it’s notably strange how quickly you become accustomed to that decibel level, then all of a sudden when an unmoderated shot fires off it feels surprisingly egregious to the senses.

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