G sWagon

Have to say a very big thanks to my mate Jon at Geissele Automatics, LLCfor sending over 16 actual pounds of swag to dish out to the other lads in work.

I’ve been lucky enough to handle a few Geissele products that I’ve not been able to post up here myself, but I think you can find all their latest work for US SOF by browsing around other media outlets in the military guns/gear sphere. Either way having looked around at a lot of the competition I’d have to say that when it comes to overall engineering quality and true reliability in use, Geissele are the doing the best work of any firearms company I’ve come across. I say that primarily because HK were my previous No 1 rating, but I’ve seen Geissele take HK factory parts and products and identify every little issue those have then proceed iron them out until the steel is as close to perfect as you’ll find.

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