If I’ve Said It Once

Quick tips for those attending IWA this weekend (trigger warning btw):

-You don’t actually need velcro on your sleeves to survive in an urban environment.
-Softshells are nice and all but you don’t actually need to wear one 24/7 when you’re indoors in an urban environment.
-You don’t actually need desert boots to be comfortable walking around in an urban environment.
-You don’t actually need a coyote brown backpack dripping in PALS loops and loop field to carry your stuff in an urban environment.
-You don’t have to wear mechanix, OD/CB Helikon trousers and a 5.11 cap to survive in an urban environment.

Pretty much everyone has their airsoft fashion phase, I get it, I’ve been there. But I’d recommend moving past it as quickly as possible, keep the tactical colours and velcro for when you’re on the range or playing games, it’s all fine and dandy in that environment. You will look back at the pictures years from now and think “damn, wish I’d changed up my style sooner”.

I don’t know of anything from Crye that’s not tactical looking, but Arc, Patagonia, OR, Beyond, Tas Tiger, 5.11, Plat-A-Tac, LBX, etc etc all have tactical clothing lines as well as non-tactical ones. Check out brands like Kuhl and get on to either GO Outdoors or Tactical Distributors and take the time to look around at the options for functional, technical apparel that’ll give you the fit, comfort and quality of construction you’re looking for without the 0perat0r bullshit.

If anyone’s about to lose their mind in the comments box:
I’m not saying this to bash people for wearing what they want to wear, I’m saying it so you 1. Don’t look like an idiot to people who’ve really been there and done that 2. Don’t attract the wrong sort of attention in public. The super obvious tacticool stuff is bad enough but even worse if you’re rocking anything with camouflage then people will likely assume you’re in/ex forces and that’s not what you want. If you don’t understand why – You need to read more.

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