John Wick 2

If anyone’s considering seeing John Wick: Chapter 2 (if you’re here, you must’ve seen the first right??) I’d say it’s a solid follow-up.

You’ve probably all seen the training videos of Keanu ripping it up 3-gun style in practice for the film. You can definitely see that coming through in the final piece. The biggest gun fight is actually conducted with a 9mm pistol/556 AR/12g Semi combo. There’s a standard ‘go to the armoury and hear about how custom all these guns are’ which is.. not terrible, the stuff the guy in the assassin store actually says isn’t total BS. Nice Magpul Industries Corp. and Trijicon, Inc. on the Bravo Company USA AR-15 (full suite of Gunfighter polymer furniture with a KMR rail on the front). The Taran Tactical Innovations G34 and G26 aren’t as fucked up and fugly (trigger alert:) as the average Salient Glock either.

There’s a mag flip reload in there with the AR that would make Dynamic Pie Concepts proud because John flips out a pair of PMAGs coupled together. Some uber bullshit scenes where guys pop silenced pistols off at each other in crowded public places and supposedly nobody notices; also the bro dawg beard-oil no-cardio crew that the main henchwoman employs look fucking stupid in the context. But when almost every pistol kill in the film is a kneecap followed up by a headshot, I can forgive a lot of things.

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