PWS – The Long Stroke AR

The other shooting footage that came out from the FirstSpear range day.Primary Weapons Systems make one of very few (maybe the only?) AR-15 with a long stroke gas piston, one of the features of an AK pattern gun that contributes to their legendary reliability. Even if that legend does get over-blown sometimes.

Should’ve been leaning forward more, but when it’s a fairly long barrel, comparatively heavy gas parts, shooting slow in a small cartridge and with frangible bullets… well all shots were hits, so it is what it is. Jumping behind the gun and going all-out tactical would’ve looked and felt pretty strange in a relaxed range situation like that.

Aimpoint AB optics, Magpul Industries Corp. mags, TangoDown foregrip and the Bravo Company USA Gunfighter stock. Footage by Femme Fatale Airsoft.

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