Lovely, Lovely Storage

Something from G-Code Holsters that satisfies my OCD immensely – the contact chest rig system bag.

First thing I’ll say is I don’t think the contact chest rig gets anywhere near the attention it should given how goo-goo people get over the Spiritus, but then if there’s one thing we know there’s *definitely* no element of sheep-think or this-month’s-flavour in the tac gear world.

The idea of this bag course is to house the G-Code contact chest rig when loaded up with pouches and mags etc. It’s sized just right for that purpose. Could you just wrap the thing in a cheap supermarket bag? Sure, it’d keep the mud and grit out of your mags if you stash the rig in the car boot or whatever, no drama. But if you do happen to want a more durable storage or transport option then this bag will serve you well.

Where I realised these bags would fit my desires (“needs” would be a stretch) perfectly is storing placards. I’ve got 3 different plate carriers that are either built or adapted to accept the standardised(ish) size of modular front panel using a pair of 1″ side release buckles and hook+loop. Of course if you have that system it’s pretty pointless to only have 1 placard, so where do you store those spares in a neat and easily accessible manner? Using colour matched bags made from cordura in the expected military gear style fashion. How else you silly sausage?

With the contact rig being sized for 3 x 30 round 556 mags, the complementing storage bag works out to be just the right size for the most common type of placard, which will be 6 columns x 5 rows of PALS to accommodate 3 commonly available magazine pouches. There’s enough depth in each bag to store at least 3 placards with stiffened pouches like TACOs, but if you use all-fabric pouches or even something super slim like BFG TenSpeeds you could easily fit in at least 6.

Not a terribly complex item as you can imagine. Loop field for whatever you like on the front, coil zips with paracord sheath pulls, built inside-out with ribboned seams and very nicely constructed handle up top comprising 2″ webbing that’s been folded in and sewn in to a more comfortable carry shape. Doesn’t open symmetrically as you’ll note, which means you have a flap or lid of sorts which is pretty nice for accessing the contents. Only thing I’m not a fan of is the field of hook that runs along across the top of the bag on the inside; exposed hook likes to eat other gear and it’s really stitched in to the construction of the bag so no unpicking it. But some cheap loop to cover that won’t exactly bankrupt you.

Whenever I pick up another PC or Chest rig that takes placards in a different colour I’ll honestly be looking forward most to adding another one of these bags on to the top shelf there. Something which is easily done to compliment whatever kit you use because they offer a very wide range of solids and camo patterns when you buy one of these.

Hopefully some of you will find the aesthetic of this 3rd image as deeply satisfying as I do.

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