Medical Gear for the Roads

I’m not a medical professional so this is not advice nor am I looking for advice unless you are an experienced professional.

Over the years I’ve bought lots of kit, been given a few things too. I ended up with a little box stuffed with pouches I wasn’t using. Also, every time I’d get some sort of first aid training through work I’d hear stories from people who had had to use said training here at home, more so than they’d had to in the Middle East and most frequently due to accidents on the road. So I took some pouches I didn’t need for my gear nerdery and put in a combo of some basic med kit that I do actually know how to use; which isn’t much but that’s the main thing when it comes down to it.
Having not looked at this little kit for years I thought I’d best give it a quick check and add a few extras I’d scrounged up.

The basis is the excellent FirstSpear Modular Fight Strap, which is simply a rectangle of 6/12 PALS grid with shoulder strap, waist strap and grab handle. When you just need to throw ‘something’ on your body and carry it a little way it’s pretty perfect so I love it for this use.

My idea would be to grab it from the back of the car and throw it on my left side, so from left to right (my front to back when worn) there’s:

-Shears from the MilSpecMonkey store in an FS 6/12 pistol pouch
-Strap cutter and glass breaker in a quick access sheath from Gerber Gear
-Israeli emergency bandage by First Care Products and CAT tourniquet Gen7 in an aircrew personal locator pouch I found in a dusty ISO at HKIA long ago
-Super basic Lifesystems general FAK in an ATS Tactical Gear tearaway
-Big and really heavy duty space blanket that’s OD on one side with grommets plus another G7 CAT in a huge vertical Tactical Tailor GP

While swapping the pouches around today and writing this post it made me actually think about this kit and realise some further improvements I can make. I think I’ll put the basic FAK elsewhere since it won’t be needed for any sort of serious emergency and I’ll put gloves, a head torch and faceshield in the pouch instead. *Maybe* chest seals given the likelihood of puncture wounds in car crashes.

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