Original & Authentic MP 40 – Live Fire

If you’re interested in seeing how certain firearms (including some rare historical stuff) actually fires and handles in reality vs video games you want to make sure you’ve subscribed/notified over on the F9 YouTube channel.

Last week I was dumping a mag through a PPsh-41 in a single, this week it’s the MP 40. ROF on the PPSh is around 950 round per minute, while it’s a mere 550 on the German gun. Compare both videos and that 400 RPM difference is a stark contrast to say the least.

There’s also absolutely nowhere on the Ruskie blaster that’s actually ‘good’ for your support hand to be placed, whereas the standardised firearm layout of the MaschinenPistole means you’ve got a very handy stick magazine to hold just like a vertical foregrip. There’s actually less than a pound of difference in weight between the 2 guns, though I think the bolt travel is a fair bit longer on the MP, which would be another contributing factor.

I’d imagine a lot of the issues with the design of the PPSh stem from the fact it was intended to use a huge drum mag originally. Doctrine was to support the gun by the magazine from what I know about it, though if you watch enough¬†Forgotten Weapons¬†you’ll also know the Russians had trouble with production and reliability on the drums hence the move over to the standard box magazine. Definitely would like to fire the drum at some point, just because it’s the more iconic silhouette and I used it so much when i played through the original Call of Duty about 8 times as a teenager.

Anyway, enjoy the smooth, flat shooting of the MP 40. Has to be said that compared to the all most famous SMGs of WW2 (M1928/M1, M3 Grease, Sten and the PPSh), the German’s option is probably the objective best all around. Quality manufacture, comfortable and sensible ergonomics and a logical and sensible calibre and rate of fire so you don’t burn through mags at a silly rate. The PPS-43 would be a close runner and obviously there were other good designs of the era, but I’m talking about the big players we all know best from films and games.

Would anyone choose something different if they genuinely had to go back and fight on the western front? From a perspective of real practicality and having shot all of the contenders (in full auto), there’s a clear winner in my mind.

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