Outdoor Supplies

This is just the initial overview of the majority of the stuff I picked up from Go Outdoors.  Pretty solid service from them and after spending a good while comparing prices they pretty much always came out on top.

Initially this stuff will be tested out playing some ‘milsim’ airsoft but a few items are upgrades on things I’ve been issued and would use on exercise or deployment (as with a lot of my airsoft purchases).  Obviously they all pull extra duty for general outdoor usage going hiking etc or on certain training courses within my work life.  The FAK will live in my car for the most part, along with the other medical items I already have in there to help cover some of the real basics in terms of what I might encounter at a road collision, or just when travelling generally.

Some of the more complex items I will write up in to individual posts to go in to more detail later down the line, so keep your eyes peeled if you see anything of interest and feel free to ask any questions in the comments here or over on the facebook page.

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