Patch Display 2023

On mondays I sometimes post patches on my social media accounts.  These are the ones on the insides of my cupboard doors currently 😬 also got 2 full MSM patch books… but there’ll be a few folks seeing this with a lot more than me in their collections of course. 😄

I couldn’t begin to tag everyone here so apologies to those I haven’t, but the majority of what’s visible here I either picked up or was given at SHOT. If you’re reading this and you’ve ever given me a cool patch you definitely have my undying love because I do love a patch, no 2 ways about that. Big fan.

Seriously though, in a world so laser focused on optimising practicality and squeezing every tiny drop of function and weight saving out of bits of nylon (for very good reason) there’s very little time for artistic pursuits, but patches are one of the exceptions. Not an entire exception obviously since there are plenty of unentertaining but necessary identifiers and informational patches out there.

I do really appreciate every single one I’ve ever been given, they are looked after and frankly give me a lot of satisfaction to wear, discuss and display on the odd occasions when I can.

Personally I believe that, if you think about it, given how many of us ‘know’ some of our favourite people just through this app with large distances inbetween us; these little velcro thingies can actually hold a little more significance than just a nice piece of artwork or a funny meme.

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