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SHOT 19 – Kryptek Outdoor Group


As long as the booth rep wasn’t mistaken, Kryptek Outdoor Group Raid should be coming to clothing in cotton-blend form in the next few months. They had a range of tactical shirts on display starting down at a T-shirt with loop fields on the arms and fully ranging through all the different levels a person might want. The step up from the T was a short sleeved combat shirt with upper arm pockets and loop, followed by a V-neck combat shirt with full sleeves and pattern-matched mesh underarms, then the traditional 1/4 zip layout. Personally I’d really love to see the 1/4 zip with the mesh, but I’ll take one either way. The overall cut is obviously one folks are familiar with and the elbow pad pockets will be easily recognisable to many.


Kryptek do make a line of PCs they’ve shown off for the past few years and they’ve got FS Tubes, carbon fibre, laser cut PALS and tweave mag pouches so they obviously take it all pretty seriously materials wise but I’m yet to see any either for sale or in mil/LE usage. Similar thing with uniforms in that all sorts of shirts and pants in various patterns to include cotton blends and shell fabrics have been shown, but never retailed. I’d like to see that change in future personally, no doubt.

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