Sig Sauer + FirstSpear Ranges 2020

Just a few clips from the SIG SAUER premier media day and FirstSpear range day pre-SHOT 2020. Camera credit to Kit Badger and Femme Fatale Airsoft. All the hits, and all the misses, all included. Though I will say in the first string of fire with the AR I wasn’t missing (actually connected all the shots) the nice little pings just weren’t picked up given the size and distance of the target. I’ll happily admit I’m a rubbish pistol shot as you can see here, but I am OK with a rifle.

Shooting the Sig P320/M17, Tread line ‘pistol’ (cheek only for the hell of it) and Gucci-Glock 9mm, full dust cover Gucci-1911 in .45 and 5.56 bangsticks from TRIARC Systems.

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