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Good news swag hounds, despite obviously keeping lots myself and dishing out absolutely tons to my work mates I STILL have a mountain of excess that needs to be distributed. Running these things ends up costing me a good few notes just in postage every time, however it would be criminal to just throw cool stuff like this away and I couldn’t stand for that when I know a lot of you folks enjoy this kind of thing as much as I do if not more. I also had literally 100g spare on the weight of my hold bag last time I came back from SHOT show and I know how tough to get hold of some of this stuff is outside the US and the ridiculous disproportionate cost that would be incurred if anyone were to just buy such items and ship them to the UK and Europe etc.

I’ll probably have something in the region of 5-7 bags of stuff to give out this time and if you wold like to be in with a chance of getting some the process is insanely simple: 1st you of course need to be a person who’s liked this page, then 2nd react to this post with a heart, purely so I can know who bothered reading this text versus who didn’t and just clicked the normal like. That’s all there is to it.

If you’ve gotten stuff from one of these giveaways before you’re not eligible to submit an entry and I do keep a list so don’t try anything you sneaky fuckers. Who gets what from the stack is going to be entirely random and this will run for as long as I fancy running it, then I’ll get in touch with the names that come out of the hat.

As you can see there’s all kinds of cool brands in there, but I have to give some specific mentions to some folks at Geissele Automatics, LLCFirstSpearPTSMultiCam/FlexfitSKD TacticalITS TacticalHelikon-TexGLOCKMagpul Industries Corp.Kit Badger and Ho-Tac Tactical who’ve very kindly either given me things at SHOT or packaged with orders I’ve placed.

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