The Best Swag from SHOT 22

Higher res than on social media for those who enjoy the swag and want to see details.

I *officially* declare the best swag winners for SHOT this year were OTTE Gear with their superb and massively Chad sized FAL and TigerStripe patches.  The Crye shirts are cool of course, Spiritus stuff is always great, I like the FS design and in case they’re reading I have to generally thank my buddies at Varusteleka, PTS and Altama for personally handing me some other cool stuff that wasn’t generally available.

Going through some of the S.O.Tech products with GearWhoresAnonymous was definitely an eye opener and thanks to them I brought  back the Launch Edition of their Micro Mission Pack which is a very, very enjoyable piece of tactical nylon, even for a nylon snob like me.  Also was very fortunate to nab some Magpul sunglasses in the form of their Explorers and I have to confess, immediately on wearing them out there in the bright Nevada desert sun I was impressed.

To be frank I’ve always dismissed the product line in the past as cliché tacticool flat range gear and while the frames  are totally fine but don’t especially feel amazing, the lenses do a really top shelf job of doing what sunglass lenses should do.  They somehow take out the glare and decrease brightness without actually dimming your perceived image and I know that doesn’t make sense on the surface but it is the only way I can articulate my experience with them.  The image is slightly yellow but with more of a subtle amber shade to it, by contrast to the dehydrated piss bright yellow you get with the yellow lenses packaged in standard issue ballistic eyepro.  However without trying more models it’s hard to know if that is standard across the range or just a result of my lenses being blue.  This isn’t cheap eyewear by any stretch but I find the price far more sensible now than I did in the past.

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