Tokarev Pistol Shooting

I went for a mostly Cold War theme with my shooting selection at Battlefield: Vegas (Las Vegas) for 2019, after previously working through prolific firearms of WW1 and WW2 – check back on the channel for other shooting videos featuring cool old guns. A short piece of footage for each gun fired this January will be going up each Tuesday for the next few weeks. Nothing ground breaking, but quick and entertaining.

I did ask to start with a Makarov as you can imagine being an iconic Soviet pistol of the era, but a lot of the guns at Battlefield get the living daylights fired out of them during SHOT Show week and the mak was down, so I went back a bit to the Tokarev as I’d never fired one before. Chambered in 7.62x25mm which is a fairly spicy little tamale; everyone really loved 7.62 as a calibre for bloody everything post-WW2. This is also essentially the gun used in the first Kingsman film, though they added a bonkers under-barrel single shot 12 bore dispenser for that production.

This specific gun sadly wasn’t of Russian origin, they do have one at Battlefield but that was also down. This gun is a Chinese example, a Type 51 I believe though it could’ve been a Type 54, either way essentially identical to the Russian Tokarev and firing the same ammunition so the shooting experience is definitely the same. Terrible, tiny iron sights like the 1911A1 but that’s what you expect with pistols made generally in a time frame pre-1980s.

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