Turn Wine in to Water

I mentioned in the review of the MilSpecMonkey branded CamelBak bottles that I’d had an earlier design of cap wear out on me after daily usage over a very long period of time. The newer bottles that MSM carry feature a different style of lid that shouldn’t ever encounter that problem, however I noticed on the packing for the new bottle that Camelbak were advertising a lifetime guarantee; so I obviously decided to test this.

Messaged Camelbak here on Facebook, told them the issue, they asked for an address which I supplied and less than a week later a new lid (and straw) arrived with me. Entirely free, no further questions asked, via their UK distributor.

Impressive customer service is always keep me going back to a certain brand, conversely poor CS will make me want to run for the hills every time. Being able to buy one of these bottles and know you’ve then got it for life – well that’s a worthwhile investment. If you even manage to wear out the main body of the bottle I’ll be genuinely impressed because I’ve crashed mine off concrete floors multiple times, and yes it scuffs, but there’s zero sign of serious cracking or splits.

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