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Video – PTS Unity FAST Micro Mount vs Real Original

Just linking through to YouTube in case any of you visiting the site here aren’t subscribed to the channel.  As I say in the video I think the PTS mount is very good quality and more than up to the task for airsoft but what it really represents is a massively better value for money compared to the real thing when used for recreational purposes.  For example, a Primary Arms, Bushnell or low end Vortex micro red dot on one of the PTS mounts will provide a solid sighting package for any type of airsoft replica that will hold up to use in games and cost a small fraction of the price of buying a real Unity mount and Aimpoint.

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  1. Rob

    Great comparison vid.

    Another reason I like to use a higher mounted red dot optic is to more closely mimic my cheek/chin weld on my stock when I’m shooting under NODs utilizing a laser.

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