RIF Accessories

Early 2010s Magpul/PTS Haul

The good thing (for me) about airsoft is that most people only play it as a hobby for a year or two, which means they’re only shopping for stuff they’ve heard about which here in the UK means a few little gems sit on the retailer shelves for 10+ years. Then I come in and scoop ’em up like a big old Foliage Green Digging Machine.

The rifle MOE handguards are FG, as are the 1911 grips and the XTMs. I fucked up while taking this picture though because I also nabbed a pair of XT panels in FG which are *chef’s kiss*

Luckily I already have a decent little assortment of original Magpul and PTS┬ábits like MOE handguards, MIAD and MOE pistol grips, MVGs and RVGs (plus stocks, obviously) in various incarnations that aren’t around anymore. These additions will be right at home.

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