Video Review – Mil-Spec Monkey CYOA Pack

I’ve had this bag from Mil-Spec Monkey in my hands for a good while now and overall I have to say it’s done me very well indeed in terms of air travel and going over to Nevada for the insanity that is SHOT show week. Just the right size for an airline carry-on and an excellent everyday type bag for usage once you get to where you’re going. It is of course also more than robust enough for military/duty application. The only reason I went for the black version and have put this particular bag in to an everyday/travel type role is that I already have the Boss Beaver from MSM in Multicam.

OEM for these is Tactical Tailor so I’ve not delved in to the stitch work in this video, partly because a lot of people aren’t interested, but also being TT so you just know the quality and robust construction is going to be there. That’s not to say I haven’t checked over the bag, but as a manufacturer I’ve had a lot of experience with over many years now I certainly don’t have any qualms in having faith in the work TT put out.

These are available here in the standard tactical-4 (MC, CB, RG, Black) for $165:

Given the huge modularity both inside and out, the scope for adjustment in size/configuration, quality of materials and quality of construction, this is no doubt a pack that can provide its’ user with decades of use.

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