Video – Tacticool Antithesis

Those who really know about guns will understand what’s going on here, but since a lot of you folks will be coming to this from countries with very restrictive firearms laws I’ll mention the basics.

Shooting rifles is easy mode, shooting pistols is hard mode.  When you have a stock on something it’s very easy to press the trigger and keep the weapon properly aligned with the target, but basically everyone who ever shoots a handgun gets a flinch without knowing it and will end up sending rounds low as their brain is expecting the loud bang and the gun to kick up, so their hands massively over compensate for the recoil just before and during the moment of firing.

I have fired quite a few rounds through pistols, but it’s always with a year gap inbetween so personally I’ve never got over this problem.  In fact the first few times I shot handguns I had the flinch to a much lesser extent than I ended up having it another year or two down the line.  For those who might be wondering how someone in the military hasn’t been trained to remedy this, I would suggest you ask a vet that you know about the reality of being in the military and the real level of training (outside of infantry and SOF) put it that way.

There are people who are better than me out there of course who’ve also not had much training, I’m just not great in this particular area and I’m only going to be honest about what I upload, so if some folks on the internet want to denigrate me over the truth (obviously inevitable) then I’ll take that over being lauded for showing something that’s not true.

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